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Wow's of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a fascinating country in Central America. Bordered by Nicaragua and Panama. A pure natural, tropical and extremely green paradise between two seas, the Pacific and the Caribbean. Many tourist flock from around the world to enjoy it's peaceful and profound beauty. San Jose is the capital of the country and contains most of the country's population. There you will find everything from the main airport to highways & shopping malls.

Forty Five minutes away from San Jose is a town called Atena's. It is tucked away in the hills and over looks miles of vast green and gorgeous views. If you don't mind nature then have a great stay at one of the Air BnB's with a wonderful host we recommend in the video below. Although, aesthetically appealing it comes with a few concerns. Lot's of insects. Some people don't mind but we suggest you stay towards the city if you do not have a high toleration for all kinds of flying, crawling creeping guests.

Five hours in from Atenas towards the Northern Pacific side, is Tamarindo which is the coastline and is the main home for surfers and paddle boarders. The Travel Hogz rented a car in San Jose and drove to Tamarindo from Atenas (bug central) to explore more and to check out land purchased on the Northern side a year prior to this trip. There you will find a lot less bugs but an increase in sand flies/mosquitos that do bite. Carry fabric softener sheets and wear mosquito bracelets & repellant. Warm water and some of it quite clear, you will enjoy this beach. A great jewel of a place to stay is called "The Charming Hotel" for $100/night. Extremely well manicured, a bit luxurious. The owner and her son run the place are are very nice people. There's is breakfast every morning consisting of eggs, fruit and toast. The owner knows the one Travel Hog as "Spielberge" simple because of the drone footage he shot of her hotel to help advertise. A short walk to the beach and main places to eat, you will find yourself wanting to relax there every time you visit. Tours are abundant in Tamarindo and one wonderful tour was the 8 hour ATV Tour with a guide named Pablo. This was a very intriguing tour as you are able to stop several places from Tamarindo to Nosara/Nicoya area. The tour doesn't include lunch. Be sure to take cash for drinks, food and anything else you may want. This is truly a tour to the non-touristy areas. Take repellant and wear clothing you don't mind being drenched in mud much fun. You stop at a few beaches along the way to get wet in tropical waters and play on the beach.

If you find yourself staying in or near Nosara, try Sup, surfing or paddle boarding run by a friend of the Hogz. Stacey Mac from Boston who moved to Costa Rica to help with Kalia Modern Eco-Living (developers for the HOGZ) and starting her second location for water sports. See below her office and it's wonder location near another most popular place in Costa Rica to surf....Nosara.

After the tour and of course a cleanup, the Hogz had to take care of business and drove from Tamarindo to Guanacaste area to check on their land and home to be built by Kalia Modern Eco-Living

Located in the hills facing the ocean, an up coming community by Kalia Modern Eco-Living is the perfect place if you want a vacation rental, a home of your own and or a vacation home. This area still has land for sale by owner Ami who is originally from Israel, but lived in Calabasas California as a developer for hundreds of U.S. projects for affluent home owners. There is an discovery tour you can take for $1000 for four days and three nights where you can stay in one of Kalia's gorgeous villas overlooking the ocean if you are thinking of building a home there. If you purchase land from Kalia, they will cover your stay and credit your airfare to the cost of the land. There is a driver from the Liberia airport, a chef that cooks a delicious traditional Costa Rican breakfast (by choice, he will cook whatever you want), and a couple of lunches and dinners are covered if you want to talk business. Don't want to buy? Well you just had all of the pampering and a great stay at a 4 bedroom two story, 4 bathroom villa with a view of the ocean for only $1000. How's that for luxury?

This was closer to Northern Pacific side, near GuanaCaste

Did a quick commercial for a friend

Building a home in Costa Rica( Bellagio location), check out Kalia and beautiful places around the area.


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