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The EU Pet Passport (Florence)

A pooch is a family member whom you might consider taking overseas with you, but are afraid to because the headache. If you are headed to Florence Italy and would like to take your little, or big best friend, then you might consider this helpful. Once you arrive into Italy, you'll have 30 days before the U.S. vet approved health certificate expires. An appointment is needed and they get very busy so you may hit over the 30 day period. It's ok don't panic, your pup wont be thrown out of the least not for that anyway.

Also, if you are traveling to other European countries an EU pet passport is required to move your pet around easily. Yes indeed your fur babies need an EU passport in able to do so. ASL in Florence is an official government veterinarian who can issue the passport. You will take your own passport, the health certificate, the rabies certificate, and the dog(s) (in a crate if traveling via car because it's against the law in Florence to drive with your dog unless they are in a crate).

If you are late to your appointment, be sure to call them. Apparently, there is a series of appointments and they give you about an hour leeway. You may need to either understand Italian, or find someone who can translate. The Travel Hogz simply hired the Woof Air International Pet Travel team member to pick them up and the dogs to take them to ASL because the team member spoke Italian. If you are traveling to any other country in Europe consult the embassy of the country you are going to. There is helpful information on the APHIS USDA GOV website.

Allow plenty of time to get there if driving or taking the bus. Traffic in Florence is unsavory. Kind of worse than Los Angeles traffic if you can believe that! If you walk, depending on your location, it will probably take the same amount of time as the train (30 minutes or so).

Try contacting a vet first to find out where to have your passports done. Or You can send a message through Google maps here

Azienda Sanitaria di Firenze - Presidio Sociosanitario quartiere 5

+39 055 693 9700

All in all when you arrive, they scan your dog (the dog must have the mandotory 15 digit chip from country of origin), ask a few questions, fill out the paperwork, you pay (approx 83-90 USD in 2 seperate transactions per dog) and you're done in about an hour. Your pups will thank you as they show off their personal documents to all of their friends. Ciao!


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