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Venice / Italy

Going to Venice from Florence is easy when buying online tickets from ItaliaRail. If bought online in advance, you may find specials as low as 25 euros pp one way on the fast train. Slow train tickets are generally cheaper than the fast train regular priced tickets (between 53 -57 Euro), however, it takes longer to arrive. If you are only going for the day, and want to make the best of your time while you're there take the fast train is the way to go. You’ll have more time to spend in the lovely romantic city.

If you want to go business class, try booking only and early. You may find a great deal for as low as 55 euros pp one way. Regular prices begin at about 75 euros. There are some great amenities on business class such as peace and quiet, reclining seats, glass partitions, and a snack. The downside to business class tickets is that it doesn’t offer much leg room if you are sitting across from another passenger or your significant other. Unless you are really anal about being in business class, as opposed to second class, Travel Hogs voted for second class because it saves you money, and believe it or not, the seats have more leg room.

Understanding how the Florence train station works is a bit confusing at first. You won’t have a gate assigned until your train is in close proximity to departing the station. Sometimes other trains behind yours get a gate number while you’re standing there twirling your thumbs. Don’t panic, you will see it come up on the digital board. Often due to some kind of delay, you will eventually see your gate number.

Catching your train - Be sure to double check your tickets for departure times as you can’t change your special tickets to another time like the Travel Hogz team tried to do on the way back home. They were filming footage and missed their train. OOPS! Don’t mistake the arrival time for the destination time for departure time or you’ll find yourself buying more tickets for 53 euros pp! Ouch!

Pets on the train - Dogs are allowed on the train. However, reasearch had to be done first. The Hogz asked a how much is it to bring the dog on the train and he responded with100 Euro, but he probably mistook the question for how much did he pay for his dog. A little bit of language barrier there. In particular, small dogs, cats and other small pets (kept in the appropriate container no larger than 70x30x50) are admitted free of charge on Freccia trains in the first and second class of all categories of trains and Executive, Business, Premium and Standard levels of service. Each traveller can bring only one container.Each traveller is allowed to transport a dog of any size, kept on a leash and muzzled on. We found that people don't muzzle their dogs.

It’s about two hours from Florence to Venice! There are two arrivals into Venice. Don’t get off on the first stop as it’s not the island. Once you arrive, be prepared for some serious eye candy. Venice is a beautiful city but expensive. Although you don’t tip in Florence, they will ask for tips in Venice! That’s right. Waiters will straight out as you for a tip. A meal of a pizza, seafood rice, a bottle of water and a coke 37 euros. Two beautiful looking mochas, in the main square near the San Marco water taxis, and a chocolate croissant…. 23 euros. If you walk along the canals past the port to San Marco. Venice also has some beautiful parks by the water with surrounding bars/ trattoria’s and less tourists. Who knew? The prices to eat are always better away from the center of town.

Though feeling ripped off, it was still an enjoyable and amazing ride. Also, Bruno, will let your travel dog aboard! Though the Hogz left their pups at home, they will be returning with them but first researching the price and if other gondola operators allow dogs. 

Venice is also famous for it’s colorful and beautifully hand crafted glass making. There are several shops to find trinkets and one of a kind vases. Venice is truly a wonderful city! If you land in Italy and especially in Florence, make your way to this town!


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