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The Doctor in Florence

Let’s just say you’re in Florence and you’re not feeling well what are you to do? Well, the Travel Hogz have discovered this little gem of a secret for you and will tell you exactly where to go and meet with the British speaking doctor.

Located in the center of downtown Florence is Dr. Kerr. He studied in the UK and practiced there for years until moving to Florence to only love running his office there. Dr. Kerr was very friendly and examined the ill Hog in his office overlooking parts of the busy street below. After prescribing meds for which was an indication of the flu, he said he would be available if they needed anything else or if you didn't feel better soon. You can walk in after 4pm or call for an appointment. The Hogz were able to get a same day afternoon appointment, no waiting involved.

The pharmacy was located conveniently below the dr.'s office. If you aren't detrimentally ill, you are in & out within a half including the pharmacy. Home and pillow coveting was all the ill Hog could think about. See the below link for how to contact Dr. Kerr.


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