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Sorrento, Amalfi Coast & Capri


From Florence to Naples 3 hours on the bullet train. From Naples Centrale to Sorrento either Circumvesuviana Train is 4-5 Euros or take the Campania Express (fewer stops 7-15 euros), that is of course, if you can find it. It ain't easy. One word to describe this experience., confusing and exhausting. It's in the same station but ask the information booth. They can direct you. Watch the board announcing SORRENTO.

1 hour later at the end of the line is Sorrento. Be sure you know where your hotel/airbnb is located and how you will get there because it could be at the top of the hill. How are you going to get up there with all of your luggage? Better have a car or taxi or catch a bus. Even with a bus, you could still stand the chance of a hike up a steep hill! KNOW YOUR LOCATION!!! From Sorrento stretching down to Amalfi Coast and beyond, you will be challenged to move about as the enchanted cities lie on a cliff with small roads.

The Travel Hogz walked 1.4 miles from the train station with 2 dogs and 2 small pieces of luggage only to find the navigation lead them to a 200 step staircase! So now what? A hike up to the top??? 1 travel Hogz, exhausted and a bit frustrated turned down the stairs. The other said he would go in order to grab the keys to the Airbnb. With his luggage and his travel dog, he started hiking. 40 minutes later while having a heart attack, he made it to the top of the stairs, but had another 10 minute walk uphill, to get to the villa. An hour later the hog & dog made it. Meanwhile, the other hog and dog who stayed behind, sat and waited for an hour before finding out they were sitting at the backside of the Hilton hotel entrance. Duh!!!! An hour and a half later they rejoined one another at the Hilton for comfort food and a spectacular view! Yummy! Hopped a Sita bus to get to the Airbnb, only to find that there was another 10 minute walk and most of it up hill.


Once in Sorrento don’t assume this city works like every other city. Bus tickets must be purchased inside a tabacco shop prior to boarding the bus, and there are a few different types of buses. The

Sita bus is like a small charter bus with request stops leading to places further away from the heart of Sorrento. Other city buses move you around locally and short distances. After 2 attempts to board first the incorrect bus, being turned away on the correct bus for not having a pre bought ticket, the HOGZ finally got to the villa 7 hours later from leaving Florence. They also had to rent a car because of it's location is pretty unaccessible unless you're an elite athlete!


There is a 3 euro Airbnb tax, per person, per day you must pay in cash to the host. Yes, It's true, not a scam.


Booking excursions to Capri & or to the Amalfi Coast is easy once you are willing to leave your Airbnb. If you are at a hotel, no problem, just book there. The great thing about booking with a hotel is you will be picked up from the hotel and taken to the pier or driven to other places. Booking on your own, you may have to find your way to a meeting point. Since the Hogz were pretty much over hiking to and from their Airbnb high above the clouds, they simply walked into the Hilton, pretended to stay there, and booked the excursions to Capri & the Amalfi Coast. Smart because you are picked up from the hotel and chauffeured to the place of destination. Going to Capri? Some excursions will require you to pay to get to the island while the excursion takes off from the island. Booking through a hotel may cost 10 - 15 euros more but you will get from door to door....well almost. So try to book with a neighboring hotel. You'll be less stressed!


Booking with Russo Tours in the Hilton Hotel made getting to Capri a breeze and they couldn't have found 2 better skippers than Raphaelle & Franco from

If you can request these two, we strongly suggest it. Take some cash in euro to tip them. They went well above and beyond to accommodate everyone on the boat. Capri Island has been filming location for some of Sophia Lauren's movies, home of Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, best known as Valentino, the Italian fashion designer, and play ground of the owner of Dolce & Gabanna. The Hogz were able to catch a glimpse of this massive yacht. They were also able to reenact a famous Dolce & Gabanna ad at the same location. Let's just say, the Hogz should stick to traveling and not overlook a career in modeling. To fully enjoy Capri, you need at least 3-4 days. Try booking the Blue Grotto in the morning because it is at least an hour wait for your boat to go in for a 2 minute excursion. The will take you past blue, green, and white grottos.


Planning to tour to the coastline is going to take some real strategy. Renting a car? Go ahead and become a sardine from the horribly small streets. No patience? Ok then, hop on a Sita bus. Good luck figuring out that one. We are sure you can but why that if you could be relaxing on a tour bus. Once again, booking through a nearby hotel will get you there and back with no issues. Booking with Russo tours will land you on a tour from Russo Tours. Request the tour with Roberto as the tour guide. He was one of the most humorous and ridiculously funny tour guides they have. You'll definitely have a blast!

Pretty Positano - About 45 mintutes from Sorrento, you'll arrive in Positano. High up on the tightly curved roads with two way traffic on a street designed for mules, you not only to cringe in your seat as you wonder if a bus mirror traveling in the opposite direction will come through your class window, you enjoy a view like never before. You can catch a bus and walk in each city but be prepared for more hiking. These cities are made up of narrow streets and lots of stairs leading to the beach. Get used to playing a game of dodge with cars because pedestrians share the street with vehicles.

Amazing Amalfi - Home to Sophia Lauren, her rival Gina Lollobrigida, and the late Roger Moore the Almafi Coast gives you the best views of their villas. Lining the walls of the coast a town that is most enduring from land or sea.

Riveting Ravenna - Southern Italy in this region is known for it's Lemoncello. A delicious lemony delightful alcoholic beverage. Ravenna has the largest lemons called citron lemons because they can get as large as a cantaloupe due to the humidity and the elevation. Ravenna is a gorgeous town high above Amalfi and is worth a trip up. Unique Artwork and ceramic tile are their marvelous wonders.


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