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Rome - Eternally Entertaining

Rome, called Roma by the locals is a sight to see. Its crowded streets are filled with tourists and locals going about their daily do's. The ancient wall which separated the city still stretches eleven miles around encompassing a certain nostalgia. Look around and you will see history coming alive as you explore. The Colosseum reminds us of ancient rulers and gladiators. Monuments such as Trajan's Column is a reminder of the grand egos of those who ruled. Statues of great leaders and the Pantheon brings a sense of awe when we gaze at the detail of artwork. You'll need more than a couple of days to see all of the city of the Ceasars, but you definitely should start with the Colosseum. If you want to go inside, we suggest pre planning prior to arriving in Rome if you are short on time. It will bring you to a place of jaw dropping silence as it towers over the streets with its archaic architecture. Trevi's Fountain is a great sight to see though in this case, it was frozen over a few days prior. Still worth a peek. If you want to catch up on your history lesson about Rome, Rick Steve's is a great channel to watch. Travel Hogz gives a briefing on how to get around, and how to find the little things that make a big difference, you can tune in to Travel Hogz for a little tip, and a bit of laughter while sipping your chianti while enjoying this blog. Though there were only 2 days spent in Rome, there was lots to take in while walking around this massive city. Just being there is surreal.

A Great Air BNB to stay in was a 30 minute walk to the Colosseum. If you want the details, you know what to do! Walking is best if you have the time and energy. They also made their way to the Spanish Steps which are also quite romantic and a great hangout scene when weather permits. Take a peek at just one of the Travel Hogz walking map!

Don't hesitate to run over to the Pantheon, which time didn't allow the Hogz to do so, and also The Appian Way which leads all the way to Naples; a gateway to Greece and Egypt. If you rent a bike, you can take advantage of great exercise and travel along a road with original stones.You will pass tombs of ancient nobles and famous and wealthy Romans. Early christians who didn't have the means to have such elaborate tombs were buried in catacombs underneath the land of christians who were fortunate to own it. There are many scattered along the outskirts of the wall of Rome. Make your way over to see them if you can.

The Vatican is a very neat place to go. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Rome began to fall under the rule of the Pope. Did you know that the Vatican is it's own national? Yup. Do the research. All in all, it is an honor to walk the grounds. Once again, plan ahead if you want to go inside St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museum.


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