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Budapest Foodie Favs or Not

From country to country and city walk to city walk there's a certain feeling you get when you enter a place to eat or have coffee. There's this unspoken gesture of "I like it here" where you know the food will be fantastic and the service is superb. In Budapest, it just happened to be Maharaja Indian Restaurant on a corner facing the Danube. Looking for good quality and a place where your credit or ATM card is welcomed is just one more reason to stop in. Greeted by the lovely Sabina and escorted to your table of choice, makes you feel at right at home. Maharaja is family owned and the owners and the entire family are actually from the heart of India. Knowing this, you are in for a real treat. Relax in a cozy atmosphere, and take in the pleasant smell of spices which fill the restaurant after you order. This amazing place had just opened about three weeks shy of the Hogz walking in. Even so, the food was to die for! The butter chicken was a fav, however, among the other dishes were tandoori chicken, yellow rice, onion rice and one of the personal favorites that you shouldn't be allowed to live without, the samosa. After, enjoying this plethora of deliciousness, the General Manager, Bart, presents a warm welcome and checks to make sure your are 100! What an experience this place is.

Want Langos??? What is lángos?

Lángos is a traditional Hungarian cheat snack. Technically a fried donut pizza but without the sweet. It’s a tastebud extravaganza! Some good places to go are widely spread around Budapest but one place for sure to avoid is LANGOS PAPA 1061 Budapest VI. kerület Andrássy út 38 Hungary!

Their lángos was on the salty side and a bit of sour cream over kill, the service is on the do not disturb side and slightly salty as well. The bathroom... you my as well say forget about using it there. An overweight person won’t get in at all. The average person will struggle getting into the restroom. As you open the door, the door hits the sink. Not exactly your ideal “gotta use it quickly” place to be. Two thumbs down to this joint. DO NOT VISIT this location. Avoid at all costs! YUK!



The best place for a smaller tastier less

of a mess langos would be at the Beefbar restaurant in the Hotel Clark Budapest. Though a bit pricey for not much food, you do, however, get a lot less mess and pristine service. The langos is topped with an impeccable taste of slighted crispy Kobe beef correctly paired with a little asian twist. After one small bite this langos will have you begging for another.

Be prepared because after three bites, the langos will be finished. Just a note on can do rooftop or outdoor with a view of the sparkling Chain Bridge. In the time you are there, you’ve died and are at the pearly gates at this one.

View from Beefbar in Hotel Clark Budapest


Spice Things Up a Bit!

Indian food. Yes! Authentic Indian Restaurants in Budapest! There were two great places to go. The second barely opened in the remaining days there. The GM, Bart, who is originally from TORRANCE CA! Now how is that for a surprise? The owners are originally from India. Long story short, as usual, the manager loved the Hogz and of course they loved his witty sense of humor and warm personality. The food was nothing short of A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and the service, even better! If you visit Budapest, you must stop in to try the best of the best, Maharaja Palace!



Just about everywhere you go in Budapest, you'll have no problem finding a great cup of coffee.

Where you find great atmosphere and a warm welcome, well that is a different story. The Hogz love scouring the streets in search of such treasure and one in particular that met the Hogz standards was Café Torino. A little coffee shop / restaurant downstairs from the street and very unique. Carlo, the owner, who is from Tuscany, is a great host and makes great decaf café lattes paired with the perfect homemade baked good or croissant. Judging by the looks of the crowded bistro, the lunch menu must have been great too! You should definitely pay Café Torino a visit!


Vintage Garden

In Budapest 2.5 months as the third stop on the European adventure from the wonderful Los Angeles (Newport Beach)! Joining the Go Active gym was a must. It just so happened getting lost on purpose on the streets of Budapest landed a a very delicious dinner Vintage Garden. Ok so that defeating the gym workout on that day. Looking through the window as if a child looking into a candy store, they loved the ambiance and made a commitment to return. This place is magical! Great food, service was really good! Travel Hogz are always giving you the best places to go! Vintage Garden is worth being blogged about!

Travel Hogz SNAP - Vintage Garden


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