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Budapest Gets Cold - Baby It's Cold

Like any other European city, the summer months are warm and colorful. The buildings glisten with sunshine. Shorts and T-shirts are the first thing that come to mind. If you plan to travel in October or November on an ideal Euro vacay, just know those shiny colorful days and days of fashionably sporting cargo shorts and tankinis, are pretty much over. As the time change slowly comes to a closer to getting dark later, so does the window opportunity to see real sunshine. The towering, once colorful buildings, will turn the city into a dark and chilly chapter of Schindler's list. Gloom is in full swing mid November to December. It may even snow! Break out the long coats and beanies if you don't want a frozen tushy and ice for brains.

Christmas Starts

Since there is no Thanksgiving in Europe ....and why would there be.... Budapest, especially, starts decking the halls around the second week in November. The Christmas market in the main square houses Hungarian crafts with intricate and eye catching talents. From chocolate molded screws and pistols to fashionable hand knitted hats and scarves, the market is a treat to see. The Christmas tree stands proudly bringing people of all ages to marvel. The lights galore wow the tourists and locals the same. It is wonderful to see such celebration especially on a chilly night and possibly while enjoying a café latte and Chimney Cake. This will immediately take your mind away from the day's gloom and low temperatures.

Black Friday in Budapest

Here's an interesting find ..... apparently Black Friday has an international presence. There are serious sales, early openings and the time to throw out everything old to make way for the new. At least that is what it seemed. Blocks of trash, clothes, old appliances were pushed to curb ready for the trash crew!


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