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Saying Goodbye to Split

Swimming in the clear blue Adriatic, hopping islands, roaming the ancient grounds of the Fortress of Klis in the rocky mountains, raising a cup to the World Cup, walking over the world famous “Old Bridge” in Mostar Bosnia/Herzegovina, will now be a thing of the past. The Hogz witnessed some some amazing things in this beautiful but tiny town. They conquered serious territory and with the help of the e-scooter the city range was extensively explorable so it helped them to see so much more than if they were on foot or in a car.

Big props to the Airbnb hosts who were nothing short of AMAZING with their help with questions, breakfast, and to top it off, a couple of going away souvenirs! Who does that????? Also, a huge thanks to all the crew & the manager at Basta Gourmet Bar for taking excellent care of the Hogz, for putting up with our touristy shenanigans, for the daily coffee with the most breathtaking views, for delicious food, but most of all for the awesome service! We close the chapter of Splitska Hrvatska we leave saying this “Srce mi gori” 💜 💜 #itsbeenrealyall #besttimehere#gonnamissthiscity


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