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Glamping Adventure - Desert RV Trip

As if this past weekend wasn’t entertaining enough, it just kept getting more adventurous with crazy mayhem as it progressed. The Travel Hogz rented an RV, loaded it up with decor, & lots of goodies from their home in Newport Beach and headed to the desert in Baker, California with family & friends for 4 wonderful days!

Baker is only a few miles outside of Las Vegas and a few miles shy of Barstow, California. Razor Road where the Hogz, settled near, is a popular camping ground known for its historical entry way to the Mojave Desert.

They decorated the RV, with rugs, candles, bedding and topiaries. They even packed their wonderful Nespresso coffee maker! You know how they love their coffee! They placed decorative pillows on the bed and kitchen seating, They also took their french cafe table & chairs for outdoor seating and my, oh my, what a difference! It was home away from home! This ladies & gents is the definition of Glamping!

T1's (Travel Hog #1) cousin rigged a couple of Disneyland like fireworks shows, Coco The Travel Dog, rode a quad, the Hogz razored trekked to an abandoned coal mine, had to pull a member of their posse out of the sand with the one of the razors, lost a couple members of their posse, a couple of times, scary, but found them, thank God! Witnessed an 11 & 8 year old drive a Ram 1500 truck around in the middle of the desert, with supervision of course. This is what you get when you hang out with this side of T1's family. Absolute crazy. It was by far one of their funnest & zaniest staycays and the first time going glamping and their first time in the desert. They had an absolute BLAST! LITERALLY !!!



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