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You can see our current and past travels below! Get the good, the bad and the ugly of what we went through while living & traveling around the world! A nineteen month adventure as we waited for our home to be built in Costa Rica! 

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Follow this amazing travel greedy couple who gave up living in the states to follow their dream of  traveling living in Europe in 3 month increments, while waiting for their home to be built in Costa Rica. They packed up their home in Newport Beach, California and took their 2 dogs on an adventure of a lifetime. Some tops turvy times came their way but they rolled with the punches, explored Europe for close to 2 years and they had some profound and yet surprising experiences. Hence the name was born, The Travel Hogz!

First landing in Rome, Italy for  a few days then home basing in Florence. While doing so they hit every city they possibly could by train. Next stop Croatia. a hired driver whom they crossed their fingers he would A. show up and B. not be a most wanted serial killer in Europe. Turns out he was the best! So good he would be there for them on every transfer to each country. After 3 months in Split Croatia the journey turned a bit sour in Budapest, Hungry. Yes an experience they will never want to experience again, but they made the best of it. From there, they went back to Croatia, and if you know anything about the U.S. passport and European Union rules, you cannot stay in a Schengen union more than 3 months at a time without a Visa. No Visa, Croatia became the hub. So where were we? Oh yes, they headed back to Croatia. this time  They did the honors of staying in Dubrovnik. 3 months passed and off to Greece!

My oh my what a terrific and only cold most of that stay was. Cold weather in Greece prompted a decision to fly to Belgium, Netherlands, Prague, & Switzerland. a two  week vacation away from, well you know.....a vacation. The nerve of these Hogz! Back to Greece to finish the 3 months out in better weather and guess what, you guessed it. Back to Croatia. Split again. This time a bit in Split, Rijeka, Pula & Rovinj. From there they flew to Valencia Spain & and early return to California due to the dance of the cockroaches. Don't worry, you can read all about that in the blogs! 

Once back in the states it was only a few months before Covid-19 hit and the Hogz were stuck. Trying to wait for the opportunity to get to Costa Rica and speed up the process of the home building project because it just wasn't hitting the dates promised from the builder. Covid set them back another year before. They planned strategized and guesstimated when to jump ship and head to Costa Rica! 

We could go on and on here but that is why they decided to tell their story. Right here ! Each adventure has its own way of giving you what they experienced and also some great tips & advice along the way. So grab your cup of coffee, sit in a comfortable quiet place, read about their mischief and mayhem, and have some laughs! 

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