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Welcome to the Travel Hogz Travel adventures!


Traveling is a luxury that should be experienced by every individual on the face of this earth. Everyone at some point in their life dreams of traveling the world and seeing what's out there, but if you're one of the millions struggling to make ends meet around the globe, that dream can feel quite distant.  


Fortunately, We're here to tell you it’s much easier than you think! We are your ultimate guide on how to travel the world by providing you with all sorts of tips and tricks, from budget flights and hostels to creative cost-cutting solutions; together, we prove once again, that nothing is impossible as long as you are determined!

In our wonky and silly blogs, you will pick up travel tips, information, and experiences that maybe you were previously skeptical about but can see how enjoyable they can be when visiting a new country.

You can also get tips on how to travel with pets and in our case 2 dogs!!! The planning, the paperwork and the process of how we flew our pups to Europe and traveled throughout with them!! 

We also have a story to tell regarding not only about travel, but the reason we went on a two year topsy turvy sabbatical in Europe in the first place.


We bought land in Costa Rica after selling our condo in Woodland Hills, California in 2015, moving & living in Newport Coast California for another 2 years then taking off to Europe while waiting for the construction in Costa Rica to be completed which took a total of 3 years! WOW you say? Yes wow! Even ouch in a lot of cases. However, the experiences were nothing short of amazing even with all of the hiccups along the way. Did we ever get the home completed in Costa Rica??? Follow us and find out what stressful situations occurred as we ventured to many countries before, during, and after Costa Rica on a mission to not only enjoy travel, but to build our dream home in Costa Rica. 


We bring you the best travel info that could help you make your trips more fun! After all, traveling should be fun - so let’s make sure it stays that way. Ready? Let's go explore the world together! 

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